Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ovary Action

This happened a little while ago, but I only just got round to mentioning it...

Ovary Action radio show from Oslo, Norway featured my zine, Colouring Outside The Lines on air.
The lovely presenter of Ovary Action, vAl, wrote in her myspace blog about the show:

I must confess I was nervous because the pieces of art I was presenting that day were ... intimidating (understand: amazing). I have a huge respect for these artists and I was honoured to present their work on the show -has the introducing drumming been long enough now? Are you impatient???? Ladies, ladies, women, grrls and other members of the human species, I have the immense pleasure to WARMLY recommend you :

*from Leeds, UK, the most excellent, inspiring, thorough, fascinating zine i have EVER seen, read, heard of: Colouring Outside the Lines (The title itself is just perfect! thanks to Clit rocket Veruska for giving me a copy of issue 3!!!). The zine is a collection of interviews of female artists, features tons of artworks and great texts. It's not only great in its content, extremely smart and relevant, deep and fascinating, it also looks great! And guess what, issue 4 is out. get in touch with Melanie: http://cotlzine.blogspot.com or on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/colouringoutsidethelines... and enjoy the amazons riding the unicorns.

Huge thanks to vAl for all her support xox

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