Friday, 17 October 2008

Tag team

Eek, Sarah Utter over at Snazzy Bouquet blog "tagged" me in this blogger game of divulgance. Thanks for the invite, but please bear in mind my anecdotes are always pretty mundane!

Let's hope this isn't as rough as the brutal game of tag at school which went under the name of 'British Bulldog' and eventually got banned from the playground...

The rules and regulations of this shindig are as follows:

So here are the rules:
• Link to the person who tagged you.
• Mention the rules.
• Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
• Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.(sorry in advance!)
• Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

I once met Drew Barrymore. She was on honeymoon in Dublin with Tom Green and I bumped into her at the city art gallery there. Please understand, I've always been somewhat of an uber admirer (and seen 90% of her films; yes, that even includes 'Home Fries'!!!), so I kinda freaked and lost the plot with nerves and excitement. Also note, I had had my lip pierced a couple of weeks before (hey, I was only like 20 or something!) and hadn't yet fully recovered from the swelling there. So I sidle up to Drew after my friend had calmed me down and fully convinced me that if I didn't say 'hi' I'd kick myself forever. So Drew's looking uninterestedly at some uninteresting artwork, and I say 'hi' and shoot her my most 'hey I kinda love you, love me' smile. And as soon as I'd moved my mouth into the smile shape my swollen lip contorted into some unfeasibly unattractive state, and I realised I'd just GURNED at Drew Barrimore. Oh the shame! I gurned at Drew Barrymore...

I'm a bit OCD about cutting my toe nails, and sometimes feel the urge when I'm half asleep to get out of bed and trim them, regardless of whether they need it or not as I can't sleep til I've done it.

Sarah U at the end of her 'tag' game asked: "What word is hard for you to pronounce?" I struggle with words with silent letters, cuz I always try and pronounce that letter for some reason, maybe I feel sorry for it. In particular, the word 'February' is a killer. Kinda ruins that whole month for me!
Oh, but also, 'dwarf' is one that I simply trip over every single time. Those letters in that order make my brain and mouth spasm.

I realised tonight, watching it with friends, that I can *still* quote the entire film, 'Reality Bites', line-for-line. And it's been like 15yrs since that film came out, or something!

I was on the front page of the 'Yorkshire Evening Post' the day my A Level results came out when I was 18 as I'd done kinda well (okay, I was hella geekish at school and got some pretty good grades), and the photo they took to feature on the front page was of me and two other girls jumping in the air waving our results. If you look at the picture though (and this is waaaay before the days of Photoshop, so I musta managed to contort myself in some hella strange way) I have a third arm reaching out from behind my head. My Mum was really proud that I was in the local paper, til I pointed out the third-arm thing and totally ruined the moment!

I once ate so many tomatoes from my dad's greenhouse that it turned all the skin on my tummy orange and I had to stop.

I tag:

Good luck!

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