Monday, 26 January 2009

abortion democracy

from my inbox:

Dear friends,
I am helping Sarah Diel organise a screening tour of her film Abortion Democracy which focuses on the politics of abortion in South Africa and Poland.
Info attached, or click on this link:

She would like to organise a screening tour for the film later this year/ early next year.
She wants to travel with the film in order to have a discussion after the screening, and is looking for 200euro per screening. If you are a smaller/ low budget group then she may do it for less, but is also trying to recoup her expenses since she paid for the film itself. She is looking to reach many different groups with this work, in her words: 'Among the people I want to reach is not only leftwings and feminists, I especially want to reach out to NGOs, family planning organizations, health staff, doctors, lawyers, medical or social students in university, psychologists, politicians etc.
In Germany f.e. I showed the film allready in the German Parliament'. If you think that you, or your group/ institution would be interested in organising a UK/ Ireland based screening later this year/ early next year, then please contact Sarah

Please forward this to any interested networks - I am sure the film screening and accompanying talk would make for a great event. Best, Debi

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