Wednesday, 7 January 2009

a sneaky peak

Here's just a small portion of the zines that have been submitted for the UK Female Comix-Zine exhibition due to take place at Zinefest! on 24th January.

Zinefest! is on Saturday 24th January 2009, 12-4pm.
It's Free and at The Women's Library, 25 Old Castle Street, London

Taking part in the comix-zine exhibition of zines, comix artwork, and larger than life zine pages are:
Lizz Lunney, Charlotte Percival, Sarah Lippett, Rosie Brice, Karrie Fransman, Erica Akerlund, Lady Lucy, Flo Brooks, Carolyn Alexander, Kate Dickinson, Jenny Linn-Cole, Kate Evans, Liz Greenfield, Leonie O’Moore, Carol Swain, Tanya Meditzky, Francesca Cassavetti, Isy Morgenmuffel, Sarah Ray, Jeremy Dennis, Sally-Anne Hickman, Laura Stimpson, Karoline Rerrie, Ellen Lindner, Sarah Lynch, Sarah McIntyre, Lucy Sweet, Siobhan Bowers, Rachael House, Lee Kennedy, Jess Bradley, Heather Middleton, Jackie Batey, Iro Tsavala, Siobhan Britton, Mireille Fauchon, Emma Welch, Susie Rumsby, plus more.

Jess Bradley has created a mini comic just for zinefest to take away on the day...

The exhibition is just a small selection of what's on offer on the day at Zinestest!
The full programme includes:

12-1.30pm Self-publishing 101 (seminar room)

A hands-on introduction to making your own zine and comic with fabulous tips from Anna-Marie and Phoebe Pamflet, Rachel Pamzine, Karrie Fransman & Jay Bernard. After the intros, we'll make pages for a collective workshop zine!

12- 2.15pm Screen Your World -Printing Desire (activities room)

Gosia will introduce you to the wonderful world of screen printing: making your own frame and light exposure table, and preparing your work space and picture to screen. You'll also print something yourself! Materials provided- but bring along a t-shirt if you wanna wear your designs!
15 places max- please book your reservation at the reception on the day.

P.S. this workshop isn't suitable for children, but they & their adult companions are welcome to screen print something with Gosia after the workshop!

1.30-2pm and 2-2.30pm Zine Tour (meet at reception)

Take a tour round the Between the Covers magazine exhibition and check out the library's own women's zine collection with some lovely staff from the Women's Library

1.45 - 2.30pm History of Queer Zines (friends room)

A visual exploration through the history and current climate of DIY queer zines. The workshop will investigate why queer creativity and zine writing -- along with counter culture, gender, race and feminist issues-- are still relevant in contemporary society. Feel free to bring along zines/writing to share or talk about. led by colette who writes, trades and distros zines but is too young to have experienced riot grrrl first hand.

P.S. this workshop isn't suitable for children

2.30-4pm Radical Publishing Panel
(seminar room)

Chaired by debi withers, this panel considers feminist publishing collectives past and present. Our marvelous participants include Jess Baines (See Red poster making collective & Women in Print), members of Outwrite (anti-imperialist women's newspaper in the 80s), RAG (anarcha-feminist group/magazine based in Dublin) and Melissa from Cherry Bomb Comics (based in Auckland and London).
This discussion panel opens up important histories & looks at how women have worked together from the second to the third wave to create ongoing independent, visual, publishing projects. Come and ask your questions!

12-4pm Comic Exhibition (cafe space)

Curated by Melanie Maddison (Colouring Outside the Lines art zine), this UK-focused comic exhibition will feature women and transgender comic makers sharing their publications and original artworks.

12-4pm Outwrite Exhibition (cafe space)

Members of the FAF Feminist History Group will be showcasing their exhibition ideas on the anti-imperialist women's newspaper Outwrite, as the first stage of an ongoing project. They're also looking for volunteers to get involved in the exhibition, so find out more at

12-4pm Stalls (mezzanine)

Manifesta, Subtext, Synthesis, Paper Dinosaur, Girls Rock!, Richochet Richochet!, Cherry Bomb, Unfinished Histories, Marching Stars, Emma Jane Falconer, Feminist Childrearing Zine Group, Liz Greenfield, Ilk, & more tbc


Siobhan said...

Ooh...they look great! I'm well excited about this!

John Freeman said...

Hi Maddie, your post seems to have been picked up all over the place but no-one seems to have included much on the contributors in their reposts.

Anyway, I did a bit of digging and have hopefully found web links for most of the creators you've listed. It’s here on the downthetubes British comics news blog:

Happy to update with additional info or any corrections. Hope it goes well