Thursday, 22 January 2009

call for submissions

Reassess Your Weapons zine needs contributions and submissions for it’s tenth issue.

I didn’t have time to push to get the zine together in time for Zinefest (sorry!), so the deadline has been put back giving time for many more submissions to roll in.
Please do contribute if you can.

As always, general submissions are hugely sought after, as well as submissions around this issue’s theme: Boundaries.

The theme developed from the need to recognise and respect boundaries in order to effectively and comfortably work within, and contribute collectively to our communities.
However, please feel free to contribute by exploring any ways in which boundaries affect or influence you. Or around the theme of boundaries in general – social, political, geographical, work-based, private, public, etc. etc.
Submissions can be in any form – from written discussion, tips, illustrations, personal experience, whatever!

Also, something that we started in Issue 9 was collecting together a section of recommendations. If there’s something you’ve come across or love that you would like to spread the word about and recommend to the readers of RAYW, please feel free to write a short piece (about two sentences) about it.
Examples from issue nine included books, tea, mooncups, humour, films, podcasts, that sort of thing.

Reassess Your Weapons zine developed from the Manifesta feminist and queer DIY collective in Leeds, UK but has grown into a wider collective, contributions based zine, which is looking for submissions from friends and supporters of Manifesta’s feminist ethos.
To learn more about Manifesta, please visit: manifesta's myspace or the largely out of date website.

To contribute, or for more information, please contact:

Deadline for submissions: March 1st 2009

Many thanks, Melanie xox

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