Friday, 20 February 2009

this sounds super fantastic... i thought I'd post it here.

From my inbox...

FemAdLib Kolektiv meeting/next actions‏


We had our first meeting! Thanks for coming. Since the meeting some of us went to Ramparts (an autonomous space - They agreed to us using the space between 18-21 March (inc.) for fundraising. This could be for party/cafe/showing some works/
workshops/theatre/performance. Please come on 24th Feb (our next meeting) if you would like to have some input on the event/do performances/workshops and offer other help and skills.

Next steps: we will be organising our first direct action and party. Next meeting where we'll discuss both is 24th Feb at 6pm at 56a info shop on Crampton street (nearest tube is elephant and castle) Bring ideas for gender related direct actions and bring info on bands/performers/sound technicians (we need the equipment as well), films/projetors/setting up exhibitions/people you've asked to participate and other help you can give that week (ie skipping/bringing food, cooking, cleaning, childcare, installations etc).

Other important info - esp. relevant to anyone outside london - is that we decided that people involved in the group but who aren't often in London can organise actions/workshops/fundraisers under the FemAdLib Kolektiv banner. ie Eleanor is setting up an art workshop to skillshare and raise money in Oxford. Let us know your plans so we can advertise on the website.

We would like our projects to be varied, reaching different audiences at different events. We aim to be international/national and local and cross radical and mainstream groups. We are a non-hierarchical mix of well-known and less known artists. One artist has exhibited recently at WACK!, others use street interventions and direct actions. We are inter-generational as a group and a mix in terms of backgrounds, race, class, sexuality and so on. We are keen to work in a positive way showing the advantages of working together on these intersections but always keeping feminism at the forefront of anything we do.

We welcome all feminist artists and feminists.

Thanks t'all for your input.

FemAdLib K

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