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zine reunion

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Did you produce a zine during the ‘90s? Are you female? Did it ever get lumped into the pile marked ‘riot grrrl’, whether you liked it or not?

My name is Jane Graham. Between 1993 and 2000 I produced 8 issues of the zine Shag Stamp as well as the one-offs ‘Hickey’ and ‘Floozy’.
Since then, like many of my peers, I’ve disappeared off the radar somewhat as my life has become dicated by the sleeping and pooping habits of babies, toddlers and young children.

I didn’t mix well at school; a reunion with that environment is something I have no interest in. The zine community, on the other hand, became my family over that decade I was part of it. I wrote as I evolved, and my readers came along on the ride. I wonder what became of us all, this talented, vitriolic, terribly idealistic and naive bunch of girls that we were.

So I’ve decided to compile an anthology. Tentatively titled ‘Now the Girls have Grown up: a Zine Reunion’, it will be a chance for us to reflect fondly on the movements of the ‘90s, youthful idealism and how it moulded us into the people we are now. Back then we made unrealistic demands and ranted uncontrollably. We attacked things we were ‘supposed’ to be grateful for; we liked things which were supposed to demean us. We were hopelelssly, delightfully self-obsessed. And it seemed nothing could stop us.

Time has lots of ways of stopping people, especially women. The need to earn a living, the reality of bringing up a family – but many of us continued to strive, continuing to work within the independent media or moving into established circles of journalism, graphic art or painting.

What I’m looking for are personal anecdotes from then and now. Memories, funny or poignant. What I don’t want are pseudo-theses, filled with academic quotes: these should be your accounts. If it makes a political point, all well and good, but it shouldn’t strive too hard to do so.

In a roundabout kind of way, I want to know things like:
• What would you think of the girl you were then if you met her now? (and would she be disappointed in you)
• Has age mellowed you?
• Do you put any of the feminist/ d.i.y. practices of then into your life now?
• Can you remember what drove you then?

It would be really boring if all the submissions read the same, so a simple question and answer framework is definitely not the way to go. Instead, choose the angle you’d like to pitch, and make it your own.
I’m looking for passionate submissions: those who feel something about this project. Half-hearted writing is no fun!
Graphic art, illustration and photography will also be considered, though it might be best to discuss this with me first.

Please note that this will be published in book format by a ‘proper’ publisher, and not all submissions will necessarily be accepted – aside from content, consideration will be given to the overall anthology.

This is an open invitation – feel free to pass on to any other ex-zinester women you know!

Please mail attachments to the following address:

Closing date for submissions is 30 September 2009.

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