Wednesday, 4 February 2009

what are you doing with your life?

from my inbox...

What are you doing with your life? is an open comp-zine that needs your contributions!

In my experience, the question is often an interrogatory one and usually refers to the mess you are making of your life. However, if your life may seem like a mess to others, but what you are doing is making space to bei n the world in a way that best suits you, then this zine is for you.
The zine turns the question around and seeks people to positively engage with its proposition in order to connect with others & build a community of angelic troublemakers who are doing their best to transform the world they live in.

It is a supportive and transitional space for feminists & queers to dream, share advice, let off steam and assess where they are and where they want to be.

Answers to the question: 'What are you doing with your life'? can be written, drawn, photographs, hair; whatever tickles your fancy.
Interpret it how you will, but let it be a transformative & cathartic exercise for you.

Contributions should not exceed 1,000 words, but if you do get carried away, that's ok.

Contributions are sought throughout the month of February, 2009.
Deadline is 28th February.
email: with them.


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