Wednesday, 6 May 2009

alternative press anthology - dealine extended

From My Inbox...

Dear all,

hope you're well and everything's cool. We've decided to extend the deadline to give people a chance to get something in. So, the new deadline is 30th May 2009. I really hope if you've been thinking about contributing something that you will, we want to get as much as possible to paint a picture of what's going on in the scene at the moment. We are planning to have the book finished by the end of July when we will launch it, which brings me on to our next really exciting news; we are planning an Alternative Press Festival which will be five days of events in London!
At the moment this is in the planning stages, but the venues are booked up and we're just getting ready to put our publicity machine into action! the dates for your diary are wednesday 29th july - sunday 2nd august 2009. Anyone who would like to offer any support; it'd be most appreciated, especially those in london who could attend meetings etc, just get in touch.

There'll be more on the website soon, so keep an eye out...

love all round


Original details on the anthology:

Dear all,
The Alternative Press Fair was great! We’ve had reports from all over that those who came had a good time, met some interesting people and sold, bought or swapped work. Some saw exciting things, and generally enjoyed the day. It gave a chance for creators to get their work out to a wide audience, and we think it inspired some people to do something creative.
Following on from that, we are now putting together a full colour book. The main aim is to get small press creators and the alternative press scene noticed by a wider audience.

We think it’s a brilliant scene; the work, the people, the creative freedom - and we strongly believe that people are empowered by realising their creativity and expressing themselves through the small press. We will set out to reflect as much of the alternative press scene as possible, covering zines, comics, poetry, short stories and political writing as well as anything else that you believe represents the scene.

So, the themes are very broad. Introduce yourself! What we mean is, look at yourself and what you do in the small press, why you do it and how you got into it, or how you got started and think about how you can put that across. We want this book to be a collection of the great work going on in the small press scene, as well as having a handbook element exploring how people can be involved or get started themselves. We’d like to include artwork, illustration, poetry, articles, opinion, biographies and ‘how to’ sections.

To make it a really special book we are asking people to do something new - it’s your book, promoting the scene and what you do, so do your best work and we’ll do our best to get decent distribution and spread the word as far as possible on its release. Please get in touch letting us know how you’d like to contribute.

Good luck

jimi gherkin and peter lally

Pagination: 80 pages

Size: 240mm x 170mm (with bleed - don’t need to leave any border round the edge)

Printing: Full colour CMYK

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