Monday, 18 May 2009

calm air all ice

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Calm Air All Ice- Camilla Stacey and Claire Elizabeth Platt

Starts: Monday May 18th, 11am

Calm Air All Ice features new work from artists Camilla Stacey and Claire Elizabeth Platt. Sharing a love for vintage materials and handcrafting the show will include embroidered fortune tellers made from vintage hankies, screen prints, knitted WWII planes and lots and lots of badges.

Come join us between 11am and 6pm Mon-Sat or from 6pm onwards on the 23rd for our closing night party.

More info including images, map and transport details:

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Hello- it would be lovely if you could make it along to our little show- but if you can't get to Bristol then all our work will be up on the website and available to buy from anywhere in the world from Monday onwards,

hope to see you
Camilla and Claire

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Camilla said...

Thanks for the re-post! Photos are starting to go up today.