Wednesday, 20 May 2009

confessions of a poser

Confessions of a Poser @ The Hole In T'Wall, Hebden Bridge on 27th May Doors 8pm; show 8.30pm
Tickets: £5

Lynn Breedlove rocks on as a no-op transsexual standup comic after 15 years as lead yeller of legendary punk dyke band Tribe8, vanguard of the queer revolution. Over the last fifteen years, Breedlove has been fronting the band, writing the highly acclaimed, Lambda Literary Award nominated urban punk novel, Godspeed, performing with the all woman spoken word troupe Sister Spit, and hosting San Francisco’s queer cabarets. He has developed an onstage persona which is sharp as a new chainsaw blade and an intimate, improvisational fluidity that reaches everyone, turning the specific universal, and making high-minded political concepts fun at last.
Lynnee Breedlove’s all new one-freak show, Confessions of a Poser is a comic look at men’s bodies, the mystery of the purple dick, lesbian legacies and how to use them, family, the impossibility of manhood, fatherhood, butch heroes, and the evil drive to feminize. Buckets, knives, and body parts are still integral to the show.

A human body quest for compassion, an irreverent look at the interior world of Lynn Breedlove, giving out permission slips to laugh at ourselves and each other, hate each other, and accidentally stumble on love.

Annie Sprinkle, Katastrophe, and Michelle Tea loved it.
Jello Biafra, singer for the Dead Kennedys, says: "The best Tribe 8 show I ever saw was when Lynnee went off on these comic tangents between songs and cracked me up as much as any great comedian I've ever seen. Breedlove sings, writes, now brace yourself for a razor-sharp storyteller. Get in on the ground floor - see this show. A true renaissance rabble-rouser, the sky's the limit."

Come along and enjoy a unique queer-tastic evening, right here in Hebden Bridge!

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