Friday, 10 December 2010

european alternative press fair

from my inbox...

The European Alternative Press Fair – Friday 27 May 2011 to Sunday 29 May 2011

Thank you for everyone who took part in last week's Alternative Press Fair, all the people who attended, who exhibited, who put on workshops and demonstrations, who helped promote and facilitate... in short to all who were part of a lovely day.

But wait..... You are all cordially invited to The European Alternative Press Fair! Starting on Friday 27th May 2011, continuing the next 2 days with a Fair at the Conway Hall in Holborn, London, with stalls, workshops, talks, etc. It's going to have artists from abroad showing the work they're doing over there, and they can see what we do over here! We'll be sending out details of table prices and so on soon, but at this stage we'd like to ask you to join in, to get in contact and help create the event.

As well as the 3 days we'll be running, for which we'll be looking for ideas or offers for running workshops and so forth, we would like to encourage others to put on their own events around the time, maybe gallery shows, music, etc., etc., so that both the European Artists and us will have a bunch of stuff to go to and enjoy, help promote each other, and put self-publishing on the map!

So come along and get involved and help try to put something good on for next May.

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