Tuesday, 25 January 2011

a great bunch of stuff

Things that have made my heart go BOOM today:

My fine friends at Aorta Magazine now have an etsy site for all your purchasing-of-rad-arts-magazine needs: http://www.etsy.com/shop/aortamagazine#

One of my favourite people, Lex Non Scripta, has set up a website for her Argot Prints project: http://argotprints.wordpress.com/
Lex describes the project thusly: "Argot was started in solidarity. It took years of internal debate of how art might/can contribute to a greater good, and, moreover, how it might have some agency in supporting my ideas and political beliefs in a tangible way. I’ve been able to advocate for people, projects and organizations with volunteer hours, demonstrations, speaking and listening….but, rarely am I able to offer financial support. Argot is my attempt at filling that gap, while simultaneously nurturing my own creative inclinations."
Totally rad!

Siobhan McNamara let me know about the awesome sounding TURN THE LIGHT ON festival happening in Dublin. It's a festival of films and art by women, with a showcase and network day set for March 2011.
They're currently accepting local submissions.

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