Friday, 21 January 2011

sabrina chap in the UK summer 2011

Sabrina Chap is coming back to the UK/Ireland this summer and is looking for gigs/shows/lectures.
Please contact her on: if you're interested in setting anything up.

Sabrina wries:

This past year has been a great one for me! I started performing in the burlesque scene back in February, and took to it like a fish takes to water. I developed a crazy character called, Mama Schlapentickle and toured last summer with a family of burlesque and sideshow people. Usually I just sing really bawdy, sexy, dirty songs as a separate act. For some reason, one of my songs has sort of taken off in this arena and ladies have started stripping to it!

Musically- I've been performing more solo shows than ever, and finally released my album, "Oompa!" which has received some very nice press. I'm currently putting my next album together, 'We Are the Parade'.

And, as ever, I'm still lecturing and doing workshops on my book, Live Through This- On Creativity and Self-Destruction which features stories from women and trans artists who've used art to deal with self-destructive tendencies.

This past year, I've started to tour doing all three of these things- it's insane but it works. I'm planning a UK tour going out sometime in the summer doing events on all three,

I'm looking to
1. Feature in any burlesque shows
2. Do any solo music shows (for this any good clubs or like-minded musical acts to feature with would be awesome)
3. Do any workshops or lectures on my book, "Live Through This- On Creativity and Self-Destruction"

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