Friday, 18 March 2011

i-sho shout out

From my inbox, from Emma Thatcher:

Attention all Feminists that are Artists! Performers! Writers! Activists!

We are looking for submissions for our art show....
As women we create and claim our own challenging art. Send us questioning and incisive women’s art, feminist art, images of how you critically see the world; conceptual art; dialogues about feminist art; art critiquing patriarchy. (Haven’t you, like us, seen enough sexualised images of women?)

I-SHO will present a exciting feminist gaze, as we are all formed by the images we create as well as those we consume.

73 Women are women artists using all art media to address issues affecting women and girls worldwide.

I’S, SHES, HERS AND OURS will be in Stoke Newington (London, UK) during JULY 2011

Deadline for submission is 5pm, 4th April 2011.
Please send up to 3 JPG images Under 1MG with a short statement (100 wordsmax), saying why your work is feminist/ challenging the notions of gender/identity and 100 words about you/as artist.

email to

Costs will be shared - the gallery is paid for

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