Wednesday, 30 March 2011

tales of the sissy

Aorta Magazine Presents! Tales of the Sissy: writing queer life in the city

25 April · 19:00 - 21:00
At: Million Fishes Art Gallery, san Francisco

San Francisco’s new queer reading series and open mic extravaganza!!

Please join us for the inaugural evening of San Francisco’s new queer reading series and open mic extravaganza: Tales of the Sissy. This cost-free evening of literary delights is sponsored by Aorta Magazine, and features the linguistic geniuses Jen Currin, Meliza Bañales, Amanda Davidson, and Anna Pulley. These writers, traveling far and wide from such exotic lo...cales as Vancouver, Canada, Los Angeles and Bernal Heights, will regale you with readings on this month’s theme: Writing Queer Life in the City.

The cast includes an exquisitely captivating poet, a zinester, film-maker, multi-media artist, social-media sass-master, and a spoken-word savant.

After the features, our audience will be encouraged to make sweet love to the mic. Stories, poems, flash-fiction, essays and maniacal rants which paint portraits of urban tribes, spin yarns of metropolitan adventures, lament the inability to avoid a seething hoard of ex-lovers as you navigate the concrete jungle, or otherwise interpret the theme in unexpected ways, are wholly encouraged. Sign-ups for the open mic portion of the evening are limited by time, and will begin at 6:45 before our
featured readers light up the night.

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