Monday, 6 June 2011

the internet's not all bad

Having my arm twisted into googling myself didn't turn out to be all doom and gloom (see past 2 posts)...

I also found a lovely set on Flickr by 'Mondoagogo' which includes some lovely images that I'd not seen before from the female comics zine exhibition that I put together for Zine Fest at the Women's Library in 2009 -- (it's kind of spooky/co-incidental timing to be finding this and being reminded of the exhibition, since I'll be collecting from my printers tomorrow the posters which will feature in the exhibition that I'm putting on at the 2011 Zine Fest at The Women's Library on June 25th)

I also stumbled across two really lovely images of a copy of 'Colouring Outside The Lines' zine issue 5, photographed on the desk of Caitlin Shearer who I interviewed for that issue in 2009... and -- I love seeing it nustled on her desk in amongst all her fantastic creativity :)

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