Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the reading raum

A photo here:
of Shape & Situate zine at the opening night of The Reading Raum in Berlin, Germany.

The Reading Raum is a Wunderkabinet hosted exhibition inside Etsy's Berlin Labs.
Split into 'for sale' and 'read only' sections, the exhibition collects together zines, tiny publishers, and paper ephemera.

Looks like a really rad space full of so many ace people's work; I had fun spotting Kristyna Baczynski, Sarah McNeil, and Sara Guindon's work in amongst everything in the photos from the opening night (May 27th) :)

Congratulations to the organiser of the event, Leah Buckareff for putting together such a great collection.

More info here: thewunderkabinet.wordpress.com

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Gladys Badhands said...

This look wunderbar xx