Monday, 27 June 2011

shape & situate exhibition at the women's library

On Saturday I made the trip down to London to exhibit large posters from the first two issues of the zine, 'Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women' at Zine Fest! at the Women's Library.

Here's a set of (dodgy) photos that I took of the exhibition. Thanks to all the artists who let me blow their work from the zine up to A3 and include it in the exhibition. So many people complimented the posters, the individual art works, and the project. I also got many offers for contributions to a third issue, so watch this space!
Huge thanks to Footprint for doing such a great job printing up the posters xox

One thing I learned from the experience is that buying pound-shop blue tack for an exhibition is a false economy! Oh, how it failed me! On the photos you will see that only half of the exhibition ended up being mounted on the blue background, and the upper tier of posters are not mounted at all -- I blame this entirely on the blue background not sticking to the wall with the cheap-shit blue tack, and after it fell on my head and the floor countless times I threw a wobbly and chucked the backing in the recycling bin in a huff!!
(Other things I learned from my trip down include the fact that I still get panic attacks on the London Underground, especially when they close entire Lines, like the line taking me to the Women's Library - stressfest! And, the fact that sitting around waiting for delayed coaches then sitting them on for entirely too long brings on my Sciatica like you wouldn't believe. Yowzer, I'm a physical wreck!!)

It was so great to see so many friends and friendly faces at Zine Fest! Congratulations to Red for organising such a great event and getting so many fantastic people in the same space.

Special love goes out from me to Rachael, Patrick, Ed, Colette, Humey, and Charlotte ♥

It was also ridiculously good to meet Erica Smith, A-K Pirata, Sofia Niazi and Kristin Aune.

As a result of Zine Fest! Shape & Situate issue #2 is now available to buy from the following distros:

*Marching Stars (

*Ricochet! Ricochet!

*Dead Trees & Dye (

*Cherry Bomb (

*Space Station 65 (

*Etsy ( or search COTL or Shape & Situate on Etsy.

* [Soon] Ms Valerie Park Distro (USA) (

[If you'd like to stock or carry the zine on your distro/in your shop drop me a line!]


Red said...

thanks for *another* beautiful exhibition and for being so awesome, ms maddison! xxx
p.s. happy birthday for tomorrow :)

Red said...

i mean...wednesday!

merrick said...

Fabulous to see the exhbition - can the zine be ordered online yet?

(If not, it's dead easy to set it up with Paypal yourself, email me if you want tips)

- Merrick from Footprint

merrick said...

oops, you have a list of distros! Must read a post fully before commenting. So yeah, no need to publish that last one.

I had a hand in this site that flogs its own stuff and it really is easy, Paypal give you cut and paste code and buttons and stuff.
If you like the look of anything done there and can't figure it out, I'd be happy to tell you what's what.

Also, have tyou tried Alternative Bookshop Online? They basically act as a hub, and any orders get sent on to you to post out.

They take the godhaven stuff, so are clearly not averse to fold and staple zines, and they love feminist stuff.

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

Thanks for all this info Merrick x