Thursday, 29 March 2012

essential hues

I'm really pleased to say that I was invited to send copies of Shape & Situate zine over the pond to feature in a small zine library as a backdrop to group art show organised by the ever-great Caroline Paquita in Brooklyn.

Caroline has been collecting publications, zines and comics to create a small zine library for the duration of the show and then plans to donate the whole thing to one of the many more official zine libraries in the New York area afterwards.

The show looks so awesome that I could weep. What I wouldn't give to be there in person. If you ever want to bring it to the UK guys...

More details on the show:

Essential Hues
A collaborative group show featuring Adee Roberson, Anna Luisa, Caitlin Sweet, Caroline Paquita and Sam Lopes.

We live in a world surrounded by color. We lead colorful lives. We make colorful work.

As artists who identify as queers, feminists, people of color, spell-casters and radicals, our work is saturated with the chroma of the vibrant lives and communities we have created and shared over the past decade and across geographic divides. Our histories are entwined, and color embodies the bright hues of the threads of collectivity, sexuality, gender, family, history and magic that bind us together.

Featuring paintings, works on paper, sculpture, textile art, video, and more, Essential Hues is a collaborative installation that will be up from April 13th- May 13th, 2012 at Wayfarer's Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Full details here:

Facebook details here

There may still be time to contribute other zines too, but get your skates on:

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