Tuesday, 20 March 2012

this is an emergency - print portfolio


Merdeith Stern (of Justseeds) is at the helm of this new print project, seeking funding via Kickstarter, it's a print portfolio project which focuses on reproductive rights and gender justice.

In part, Meredith writes:
In response to all the bullying, the legislative measures, and the horrifying statements filling the media, I feel that we need a collection of voices commenting on this situation through visual art. This project will bring together over a dozen voices from people most affected by these issues- women, queer identified, and transgendered artists.
Once the portfolios are completed, over a dozen of the portfolios will be donated to organizations working on these issues. These organizations will be able to utilize these portfolios in several ways. They can reproduce the images for use in their campaigns, display them at their events or in their office, use the images on their website, newsletters or other written materials, or to sell the posters as a fundraiser for their organization.
I am seeking funding for this project in order to pay for the cost of creating these portfolios. $2000 will pay for the printing of the covers, the written materials, and the postage to ship the portfolios to the organizations. All funds above that will be split between the artists and the organizations. There will be 125 portfolios created. This is your opportunity to get a limited edition, one of a kind print collection from over a dozen amazing artists while helping to fund reproductive and gender justice issues.

Watch Meredith's video and read more about the project at:

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