Tuesday, 9 February 2010

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Pica Pica is looking for contributors!

See: Pica Pica Website for full deatils

If you are an illustrator, journalist, writer, photographer and would like to work on a commission for our magazine then we want to hear from you. If you are are a crafty type who would like to see your work featured in our magazine or on our website then get in touch!

Scroll down to see our current briefs, then get in touch with us if you think you fit the bill.

Editorial Briefs:

(1) “What is Craftivism!?”Craftivism, exploring how mainly young women are using craft in a political or subversive way, for example through yarn bombing or other forms of “craftivism”.

The Craftivist Collective

We envisaged this incorporating an email based interview with one of the groups or bloggers.

Wordcount: 750 (approx)
Deadline: ideally 17th Feb


(2) “Copycat Craft!”Inspiration vs Plagiarism – a nice investigative piece to get your teeth into!

A plagiarism feature about independent designers and crafters being ripped off by large companies, for example ASOS ripping off Lady Luck Rules OK and other examples (Made by White vs. Topshop). Article would include reactions from people who have been ripped off, why it happens, and what people can do about it. We see the angle being focused around the question of where inspiration ends and intellectual property theft begins?

Interesting to see the community of crafters at work here and willing to help!

Urban Counterfeiters – a website dedicated to the designs UO & others have pinched, bit old but interesting!

Forever 21 – just “inspired” by Banksy?

Lauren Nassef’s sad story – a shocking case of plagiarism… illustrator vs illustrator!

So, if you are good at what you do people are bound to copy you, how do you protect yourself? Check out ECCA London and Own It for more information.

Wordcount: 1000 (Approx)
Deadline: ideally by the 17th Feb

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