Monday, 8 February 2010

women and transgendered members of the comics community

From my inbox...

Attn: Women and Transgendered Members of the Comics Community

Your experience is requested!

In conjunction with my current School of the Art Institute of Chicago course LADYDRAWERS: Gender and Comics in the US, my assistant James Payne and I are gathering information about women and trans peoples' experiences in all aspects of the comics industry. This information will eventually be published in the introduction to a book collecting interviews with women and trans comics artists.

Clicking on the link below will bring you to a survey of questions dealing with professional engagement, gender and sexual identification, and the extent to which gender has been an issue in your own professional pursuits. Whether you're a creator, bookseller, conventioneer, publisher, inker, or editor, we would be extremely grateful if you can take a moment to respond to these ten questions.

This survey is completely anonymous, and we have no way of tracking your answers unless you choose to leave an email address in the comments section.

Please feel free to forward this survey to any women or transgendered persons you know that are involved in the comics industry. While the survey’s multiple choices questions are important, we are especially interested in gathering personal stories regarding the intersection between media production and issues of gender. But because the survey is anonymous, you must either leave your email address in the survey itself or contact us seperately to set up an interview.

Thanks in advance for taking five minutes to complete this survey, and again: if you have a particularly compelling story you wish to share about how gender plays out in your working life, please contact us.

Gender and Comics Survey

Sincerely, Anne, and James

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