Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ladyfest survey

From my inbox...

Hello friends!

As part of my research project Young women as creators of new cultural spaces (at the University of Salzburg, Austria) we have created an online survey to find out more about why and how people participate in or organize Ladyfests. Please take your time to fill out the survey and forward it to your friends. Help us to collect as much information as possible in order to get a general idea about the role of Ladyfests for the participants. We really appreciate your participation!

Of course your responses will remain anonymous. If you are willing to do a longer interview, please indicate so in the survey. Many thanks!

Here you can find the link to the online survey: www.grassrootsfeminism.net/cms/node/615

For more information on the research project, please go to www.grassrootsfeminism.net/cms/node/48

And if you have any projects you are involved in, you are more than welcome to list and publicize them at the grassrootsfeminism.net site (you just need to register first, let us know if you have troubles or questions)!

Many thanks and best wishes!

Elke Zobl and Anita Hammer
University of Salzburg, Austria
contact: elke@grassrootsfeminism.net

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