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purple rhinestone eagle - european/UK Tour - september 2010!

PURPLE RHINESTONE EAGLE are heading over from Portland, Oregon to Europe for a month long extravaganza, spanning mainland europe and the UK.

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Hometown: Portland, Oregon (US)
Current CD: “Amorum Tali”

Andrea Genevieve – guitar, vocals
Morgan Ray Denning – bass, backing vocals
Ashley Spungin – drums, backing vocals

Record Label: Eolian Records

Purple Rhinestone Eagle formed in the summer of 2005 in West Philadelphia. To the astonishment of a scene that generally associated female musicians with power pop and folk, Purple Rhinestone Eagle turned many heads with their big, bold rock-n-roll sound and energetic live performances. The band quickly gained a dedicated following in the DIY Philly/NY show circuit. After their first US east coast tour supporting New Bloods (Kill Rock Stars) in April 2007, the trio relocated to Portland, OR September 2007.

In March 2008 they recorded an epic six-song demo with feminist queer rock pioneer Radio Sloan (The Need, Peaches) at her home studio, The Haunted Mansion in Portland, OR. This past November 2008 the ladies recorded at The Pool Recording Studio with Alex Yusimov (Mississippi Records, Red Herring) for an album entitled Amorum Tali, released on Portland-based Eolian Records early March 2009.

Musically and stylistically, Purple Rhinestone Eagle draws a lot of inspiration from the heavy “tripped out” sights and sounds that came out of late 60s and early 70s rock-n-roll. Socially, they are motivated by the DIY ethics of early punk. Very much a live band, Purple Rhinestone Eagle turn heads at every show they play. Ashley is a powerhouse on the drums. Morgan’s electric fuzzed out bass lines are unforgettable. Andrea’s guitar shredding abilities leaves jaws dropped. Their lyrics cross a wide terrain of subjects. Often in songs they delve into the mystical and metaphysical but also the political and the many facets of love and sex.

Between various seasonal tours and in-town shows, Purple Rhinestone Eagle are currently writing a full length album due to be recorded spring 2010. This release will be followed by their first European tour this September 2010.

Reviews: Live Performances
“…the three women of Purple Rhinestone Eagle hoist two-ton riffs clear over their heads and send them – along with the ringing in your ears – spinning off into space. This power trio proves that you can grasp the dark side of the blues without losing the tips of your fretting fingers. No offense Tony Iommi. The way Andrea Genevieve mirrors riffs with her vocals, with their undercurrent of mysticism and wizardry, will leave you reaching for your dusty Hendrix and Sabbath LPs. It’s clear that Purple Rhinestone Eagle have mastered the 70s’ heavy, psychedelic, fuzzed out blues rock.”
– Aris Wales, Portland Mercury, January 7, 2010

“(R)iffs mighty enough to pierce through a dragons’s still-beating heart.”
– Marc Lore, Portland Mercury, July 30, 2009

“Imagine smoke machines, black lights, wizards, eagles with talons outstretched, and a post-Haight throwback take on Zoso-inspired Northwest proto-punk. Heavy, exhilarating doom.”
– PDX Pop Now!, July 24, 2009

“…an all-girl power trio of blissful malevolence. You should listen to them until your ears bleed with joy.”
– DJ Ranger Mike of KPSU Radio March 5, 2008

Reviews: Amorum Tali
“Purple Rhinestone Eagle throw a mighty jab with their new 12-inch record, Amorum Tali…Simply put Purple Rhinestone Eagle are on an entirely different plane than their peers – whether it be tugging upon the bushy mane of mythical classic rock unicorns, or grand post-punk numbers that rattle the exposed pipes of their packed basement shows. They intend on not coming back down to earth anytime soon.”
– Ezra Caraeff/Music Editor, Portland Mercury, March 2009

“We got a handful of these when the band were in town, but they disappeared before we could even hear it. We managed to get more finally, and HOLY SHIT, it’s not hard to hear why we couldn’t keep these in stock, some seriously fuzzy, Sabbathy, mystical metal garage rock, or something. The women from Portland, kicking out the jams, warm, languid, buzzy, doomy jams, super psychedelic, the guitars muddy and fuzzed out, the bass deep and throbbing, the drums pounding and a bit chaotic, the vocals wild and emotional and intense…The sound is sometimes epic and frenzied and very metal, sometimes brooding and murky and garage-y, often the two elements blurring into something else entirely.”
– Aquarius Records, July 2009

“PRE have developed a unique spin on their sound by any measure. Thickly distorted 60’s garage fuzz that ebbs and flows like celestial tides – either is carries you in gently or sucks you in like a black hole…Real rock-n-roll.”
– Hellride Music, July 21, 2009

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