Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ante 4th and 5th May

Ante art event
Shipley does May Day
Sat 4 May (starts at 11am) - Sun 5 May (11-4)
Kirkgate Centre, 39A Kirkgate, Shipley, BD18 3EH.

Two days of May Day bookfair, art factory, gigs, and whatever you want to find. More info at: (link to last year's events)

 "Ante is about the person we were until we became buried by work (or increasingly, ‘no work’), by shopping, debts, television...."
Exhibition & café all weekend

Saturday 11-4pm Book/zine/print fair
Saturday 7:30pm: Gig with NRacker, Yol, Brian Gilson, Petals and Lovely Honkey (£4)
Sunday 11-4pm: Art Factory

The weekend Includes:
  • Q&A with Gee Vaucher (Crass/Exitstencil Press) will be at 11:30am on Sun 5th May. Gee will be around on Saturday too
  • Screening a film by Chto Delat 
  • Ante-art exhibition, ante-stalls/bookfair, ante-gig, ante diy art factory/skill share
  • Ante will be running 'Twatter' - an opportunity to try out analogue technology including pens, paper and a genuine community notice-board!
  • I think Knit A Bear Face are knitting something looking at the bedroom tax
  • Myself and Lindsay will be displaying an exhibition of work by various artists commemorating labour and workers' movements, actions, and struggles. Included will be a selection of work from Shape and Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women, the Celebrate People's History poster project, the Occuprint portfolio as well as two tapestries in homage to historical trade union banners, and photographs by Matthew Cunningham.
  • Plus bloody loads more that I don't even know about yet

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