Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Some Girls

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Some Girls at International Project Space
24 April 2013

'Some Girls at International Project Space' convenes a forum that seeks to develop new dialogues around the Some Girls poster project (1982) within the context of Patrick Staff's exhibition ‘A Factory as it Might Be (Bournville)'.

The Some Girls poster project was initiated in the early 1980s at the conclusion of a 3-year action-research project working with young women in the West Midlands. Wishing to find a method for publically disseminating the outcomes of this research Carola Adams and Leah Thorn, with Graham Peet and Jonnie Turpie, facilitated the activity of the Madeley Young Women’s Writing and Design Group. The outcome of the collaboration was a set of 9 posters, developed around the experiences of the young women involved and underpinned by an inter-generational and collective ethos.

Carola Adams and Graham Peet will be present for the event, which will also include a screening of the film,
Giro - Is this the modern world? (1984, 45mins). The film, produced by the Birmingham Film and Video Workshop, has its roots in the modes of production explored during the Some Girls project and explores ideas around work, labour and the benefit system in the context of the mid-1980s. The film consists of interviews and the thoughts of the young participants as they search for answers to questions about the dole system, wage levels and what the future holds for them.

Workshop: Some Girls are such a dragInternational Project Space,
School of Art, Bournville
24 April, 3.00-5.00pm

As part of 'A Factory as it Might Be (Bournville)' artist Patrick Staff has convened a series of workshop meetings with students and graduates. The upcoming session will take place Wednesday 24th April from 3 - 5pm meeting in the gallery space at International Project Space. This workshop will be convened by Staff in collaboration with Inheritance Projects' Curator Laura Guy.

The session will use the Some Girls poster project as a framework and will explore the visuality of the posters, as well as ideas of the politics and use of radical archival materials. We will examine the posters as contemporary tools for discussion and collaboration as well as ideas surrounding cross-generational dialogues in contemporary feminist art practice.

Participants should have an interest in meeting and working collaboratively however no experience is necessary. In keeping with the ethos of mutual education there is no expectation of professionalism or prior experience, but rather the aim will be to try out methods and share ideas, skills, knowledge and enthusiasms.


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