Thursday, 4 April 2013

Change the Culture, Change the World

Via Favianna Rodriguez ( -

Change the Culture, Change the World

"Art is uniquely positioned to move people—inspiring them, inciting new questions and provoking curiosity or outrage. Normally, and especially when we are in campaign mode, we tend to think about what artists can contribute to the action space. We think about how artists can strengthen the will and push people to act. But we should also ask ourselves: What are the valuable contributions artists can make in the idea space? Artists don’t think like policy folks. They don’t think like organizers. And this is a good thing."

"I talk about this and more in this piece on Creative Time. It's a great read about why have to strongly support artists in social change work. Featuring art by and mentions of Erik Ruin, Alex Rivera, Julio Salgado, Ernesto Yerena Montejano and more!"

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