Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Illustrated Letters

Hannah Rose, an intern at Glasgow Women's Library (and former vounteer at Canny Little Library - yay!) has been in touch filling me in on the 'Illustrated Letters' project going on at the Library, and recognising the links and ovelaps that project has with some of the aims of Shape & Situate zine. It sounds like a terrific project for anybody interested in remembering women's lives.

She writes:

[...] A project called Illuminated Letters. These are a series of creative letter writing workshops and esol workshops around glasgow, and beyond, and also an international call out for people, to write letters to women who are no longer with us whom we wish to write an illustrated letter to. It will hopefully culminate in an exhibition.

This is a message to women across the world. We are collecting letters of love and honour to a heroine who can be found in Glasgow Women’s Library, a woman who is no longer alive but whose story is celebrated somewhere in our shelves and boxes. You can find out what happens next at womenslibrary.org.uk
Come along to our inspiring workshops or simply write to your heroine today at Glasgow Women’s Library, 23 Landressy Street, Glasgow G40 1BP.

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