Thursday, 4 April 2013

S&S at DIY Cultures

DIY Cultures fair
Saturday 7th April
at: Rich Mix, London
A day long festival of zines, artist books, comics and distros. There will be films, animation and video art as well as art exhibitions, workshops and music.

Events include a talk from the Black Feminists, talks on unemployment and creativity, artist-run spaces and prisoner zines as well as DIY workshops throughout the day.
“DIY culture is about creating alternatives to what is out there, whether it’s news, music or art, and doing it without the need of any experts or a lot of money” Sofia Niazi, DIY Cultures Co-curator

“In spite of blogs, facebook and twitter, zines seem to have had a nationwide comeback. This will showcase the best of alternative and independent activities from all across the UK in one big gathering.” Hamja Ahsan, DIY Cultures Co-Curator



Craft & drawing Workshops by ExtraBones & DIY Couture


1pm: We All Can Do It! Black Women in DIY Culture - TALK
Join Black Feminists in a discussion about how black women have played a vital role in DIY cultures with Stephanie Phillips, Aurella Yussuf and Rianna Parker.

2pm: FIlm - DIY OR DIE: How to Survive as an Independent Artist
feat. Zinesters, Lydia Lunch, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr, Artists.

3pm: Unemployment & Creativity Panel Discussion
with Sarah Tea-Rex (Graduating in Unemployment Zine), Saban Kazim (Gissa a Job Zine), Robin Bale (Dole arts)

4.30pm: Prisoner Zines, Writing & Creavity Panel
with Marek of Not Shut Up Magazine, Nicki Prisoner Fightback & Hamja of Free Talha Ahsan Campaign

6pm: DIY Artists Communities - Panel Discussion
with Pippa Koszerek (Post-Artists / Independent Art School / Arts Against Extraditions), Craftivist Collective Gareth (Foodface gallery) & other TBC

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Posters from issues 1-4 of Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational European Women zine will be shown as a slide show at DIY Cultures.

(N.B - it's my first time at playing about with the 'make a movie' programme I have on my computer, so it's not the flashiest of slideshow films, but it allows me to show the posters and explain the zine even though I sadly can't be at the event myself)

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