Tuesday, 17 March 2009

friendship: art

from my inbox...

From: www.myspace.com/disc0kid

Im currently working on a photo installation based upon friendship and what it means to different individuals. I need as many as people as I can get to participate (I need AT LEAST 150 images) so Im trying to reach as big an audience as possible. I need people of all ages, all sexes and from all walks of life to take part in this.

All I need is people to write on an A4 piece of paper what friendship means to them, and hold it up in front of them, take a photo in portrait format and then email it to me. The text has got to be big enough to see in a photograph, but apart from that theres not much else that’s required. The text can be one word, a sentence, an in joke or even a drawing – its pretty open.

I am aiming for AT LEAST 150 of these in the next 3 weeks! I need as wide a variety of people to take part as possible so please pass it onto all your friends, and get yer parents and granny in on it too!! The final piece is going to be part of a huge photo installation kinda thing (and its gonna be amazing!)

Any contributions are very gratefully received!!

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