Wednesday, 18 March 2009

zine: race privilege identity


Zine for Race, Privilege & Identity gathering

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Race, privilege and identity is a gathering taking place in Bristol,UK, 25-26th April 2009 (see http://raceprivilegeidentity.wordpress.comfor more information)

Its aim is to engage with issues of race, privilege and identity in DIY queer-feminist communities through building dialogue, coalitionsand resources. The gathering will be both practical and issue based - we aim toprovide a skill-base so people can feel empowered to constructively tackle multiple forms of exclusion that are silenced through the hidden normativities of radical queer and feminist communities.

As part of the gathering, we're compiling a zine to be made availableat the gathering, to provide resources & starting points for discussion.
... & we need your fabulous & fierce contributions to make this happen!

Possible topics include:

* personal narratives - How do these issues affect you? How have you seen them play out within DIY/queer/feminist communities?
* practical suggestions - What can you do when you're faced with your own privilege (or when someone else points it out to you)? What does it mean in practice to be an ally? How & when do you confront people with their own privilege in a way that keeps you safe? Other ideas could include privilege checklists or other tools to get folks thinking.
* required reading - What books, articles, zines do you feel are crucial to understanding identity issues & the ways in which they intersect? Tell us about them & why you recommend them. Also don't forget relevant projects that we should be supporting & working with.
* or... your brilliant suggestions here!

Please send contributions to raceprivilegeidentity@riseup. net by April 15, 2009.

*** We're also still seeking volunteers for the gathering, so pleaseget in touch (raceprivilegeidentity@riseup. net)! ***

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