Wednesday, 18 March 2009

the idiot cycle

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Dear friends and family,

Here's the an excerpt from the press kit of my new film, "The Idiot Cycle":

"The Idiot Cycle" a feature length documentary written, directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Emmanuelle Schick Garcia has already started to create a buzz.

The film, shot over three months in eight countries, looks at the shocking facts about cancer.

"The Idiot Cycle" uncovers is that only 2% of the world's 100,000 synthetic chemicals have been fully tested for toxicological data. The film also uncovers a secret EPA report that the chemical industry has spent decades burying, that states that 95% of cancers are caused by the environment and that more people will get cancers from dioxin pollution (caused by chemical processes like making chlorine products or pesticides) than any other cause, more than sitting out in the sun, more than smoking. Why don't you know this?

It's simple. The petro chemical industry that makes all your plastic consumer goods, automobile parts, pesticides, fertilizers, rubbers and so forth are basically six companies. These six companies also have a monopoly on cancer treatments and they're the one's that have financed and marketed "cure for cancer" runs and associations for the past decades.

So while these companies have made you sick, they'll also profit a second time by giving you drugs. It's also no secret why cancer is the most expensive drug on the planet.

Where is the government? Whether it's Canada, the USA, or Spain, governments have sided with these companies time and time again. The film also uncovers the reason why your concerns and health take a back seat.

But "The Idiot Cycle" continues. Now these same 6 companies are producing genetically modified crops. These new foods have never been tested by anyone, anywhere for long term effects like cancer. Are we seeing a similar pattern to that of the chemical cycle? I think so.

While independent studies have shown G.M. foods to cause cell proliferation, those studies were stopped before they could be completed. But don't worry, because if these foods make you sick, the same 6 companies will be there to treat your cancer.

Film out September 2009.
Official web site out June 2009.

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