Monday, 2 March 2009

girls rock! UK - get involved

From my inbox...

Apologies for the silence this year. Things at Girls Rock have been on hold a while due to a number of reasons but we thought you'd like an update...

Since the management committee reformed at the end of last year we have had a number of useful planning meetings and started working towards some funding applications for the GRUK 2009 programme. There have also been a couple of successful benefits - thanks to everyone who helped with those. Unfortunately we had to cancel the general meeting and now Ladies Rock 2009 due to the flooding at Lambeth Women's Project. Girls Rock UK is totally seperate from LWP but sees the building and organisation as its home and family. We feel it is important to help secure and support this amazing organisation. The management committees of both organisations have significant crossover so it has been a difficult time and we have had to be realistic about what GRUK events we could pull off this year.

I know lots of you have expressed an interest in helping out with GRUK so here is how you can;

- run a benefit to create funds for another event to happen - let us know what we can provide in terms of promo/merch etc
- update our paperwork so we can apply for more funding
- Apply for funding (please contact us first for appropriate info)
- Plan curriculum/workshops for a future camp

To make the project work we really need more people on board helping at the management level - we need people who are clear about how much time they can commit, who have excellent communication skills and who will deliver on time. We are all incredibly stretched so it would be great to have people on board who will hear/see what needs to be done and sort things out. Until the basics are back in place we will not be having general meetings. We really want to work together and have a united, coherent project that is the best that we can deliver. Please contact us if you would like to do a smaller scale project under the banner of Girls Rock! UK - lets work together!

If you would like to help get us in shape for a rock camp later this year or 2010 please contact or call 07973718431.

If you want to use your time in a more hands on way you could always help get LWP back in shape for the local ladies and another rock camp - contact if you'd like to help.

Hope to see you soon,
Naz, Ego & Victoria

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