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sister spit in september

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Hi all,

Sister Spit, the awesome lit/spoken word/performance troupe led by celebrated author Michelle Tea of 'Rent Girl' and 'Without a Net' fame is coming over to the UK and Ireland this September with a whole new line-up of celebrated queer/grrrl artists, writers, zinesters and performers.

Michelle says: 'I write books, and host readings for other people who write books, to be listened to by people who like reading books. My last novel is called Rose of No Man's Land and is about a teenage genderqueer loner who gets mixed up with a speed freak mall rat and falls in love. Or something. My last anthology is called It's So You and it's full of essays by stylish people about how they came to look so great, such as Eileen Myles, Kim Gordon, Jenny Shimizu, Kate Bornstein, Ali Liebegott, Tara Jepsen, Beth Lisick and other modern role models. I run the Radar Reading + Salon series in San Francisco, and every so often pile a bunch of bitches in a van and set off across the country under the guise of Sister Spit: The Next Generation.'

...and the intro for their US tour in april: 'Sister Spit: The Next Generation is hitting the road again, with a whole new all-girl lineup of zinesters, fashion plates, novelists, performance artists, slam poets and fancy scribblers. Inspired by the legendary Sister Spit Ramblin' Roadshow of the 90s, Sister Spit: The Next Generation is hauling a vanload of killer underground female talent across the USA and into your town. The latest gang hits the road in April 2009!, carrying on the tradition of rowdy, raucous literary adventure. As they journey across the USA, they're joined by a rag tag bunch of special guests - old Spit travelers of yore. Come and meet your new favorite performers'
- This US tour features: Michelle Tea, Beth Lisick, Ariel Schrag, Sara Seinberg, Kirya Traber, Ben McCoy, Cristy C. Road and The Next Generation’s California tour is generously co-sponsored by the CA LGBT Arts Alliance and the California Arts Council.

This UK tour is still awaiting a full confirmation of artists, and we can keep you posted as we find out.

If you're interested in organising a show as part of the Sister Spit UK tour in September 09, please contact me. We are looking for all manner of venues, audiences and set ups; from academic settings, student union events, LGBTQ, pride events, lit/spoken word shows and festivals, intimate performances in small venues, ladyfest events, grrrl/queer events etc

If you have any ideas or wanna forward this to anyone else you think may be interested, please feel free to go ahead!

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Em @ Lola and the Cartwheels


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